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Biology 1050 Spring 2009 Dr. Vance-Chalcraft Lecture 19: Population and Community Ecology I. Population Ecology A. Describe the focus of population ecology. - on factors that influence a population: size, growth rate, and density B. What is the dispersion pattern of a population? - the way a individuals are spaced within the population’s geographical range a. What are the 3 main patterns of dispersion? - clumped: individuals concentrated in resource-rich areas - uniform: occurs when individuals are territorial - random: occurs when no factor is bringing individuals together or pushing them apart b. When does each pattern occur? SEE ABOVE. C. Population Growth a. What causes populations to increase in size? - due to births and immigration (movement of new individuals into population) b. What causes populations to decrease in size? - due to death and emigration (movement of individuals out of population) c. What causes population growth? - when births and immigration outnumber death and emigrations D. Population Growth Models a. What are the 2 main ways to model population growth? - exponential growth model: shows unlimited growth under ideal conditions 1
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Biology 1050 Spring 2009 Dr. Vance-Chalcraft - logistic growth model: shows growth with limit b. What is a population growth rate? - number of individuals added per time unit c. Describe the exponential growth model. - the larger the population, the faster it goes - J-shaped growth curve d. Describe the logistic growth model. - environmental factors will cause a population’s growth to level off - S-shaped growth curve e. What is the carrying capacity? - population size when growth rate is zero f. Is there only one carrying capacity or does it vary? - varies depending on species and habitat
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bio notes april 14 - Biology 1050 Spring 2009 Dr...

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