History of Sports Exam 2

History of Sports Exam 2 - History of Sports Exam 2 1)...

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History of Sports Exam 2 1) Discrimination is the denial of opportunity. Certain people get to do certain things that other people are not allowed to do. Women were denied to participate in certain kinds of events such as championships. The reasons for this discrimination was it was thought that if women were in sports then it would damage their reproductive organs, sports were too masculine for women and women couldn’t do it because of their physical characteristics. Sports were a natural male activity at this time. When females challenged the natural inability then they were challenging male and female roles in society. Whites were also superior at this time. There were certain roles to be played in society. There was racial discrimination with blacks winning championships. As a race they were culturally inferior to the white race. Blacks winning championships was upsetting natural roles. There was structuring of sports to keep people in roles by having separate leagues such as the Negro leagues and women’s baseball. Sandlot ball versus pro ball was also enforcing discriminatory roles. Boxing was also reinforcing ideas of discrimination by having weight classes and the structure of events. The boundaries got broken because of individual rebellion. Jack Johnson challenged fighting with individual competition. Joe Louis used his fame to get rights for other black boxers. World War II was also a major event. This was America versus the non-democratic countries. It
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History of Sports Exam 2 - History of Sports Exam 2 1)...

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