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Growth of Towns

Growth of Towns - • Can’t be a blacksmith before...

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Growth of Towns Manufacturing Town Located primarily in Flanders (modern day Belgium) Are very low, close to sea level Not a good growing country Became cloth manufacturers with wool, sheep is good for this area Cloth with wool takes a very long process Each step becomes a specialty Specialists lived in towns Growth of towns between Italy and Flanders Italy goes to Flanders to sell goods and by wool and sell that on the way back Merchants Required Services Required protection, so they set up near a castle of a nobleman Burg means castle in German, Burger means citizens of a town, in French bourgeoisie Government Merchants did not fit into a feudal structure Towns earned right to govern themselves Towns organize themselves into Guilds A guild is an organization of people who did the same work
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Unformatted text preview: • Can’t be a blacksmith before becoming part of the blacksmith guild • Guaranteed good quality and fair prices Guilds • Structure o Master Owns shops o Journeyman (bachelor) Journeys to another town to work in a different place for a while To learn from someone else After a few years, become a master and can set up your own shop o Apprentice Works in a masters shop Aspires to be part of the guild • We have joined a guild, LSU o University was another word for guild o Organization of teachers and students o We are apprentices o Regulated quality by credentials Teachers needed credentials in order to teach o Negotiated for services, prices were higher for students and teachers, demanded equal pricing o Bachelors degree o Masters degree...
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