Rise of European Nation (end)

Rise of European Nation (end) - Heir to the VII Famous for...

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Rise of European Nation-States Successful Nation-States: England o End of 100 years war led to War of the Roses 1455-1485 War between two families over who would be king (York vs. Lancaster) Both families crest was a rose Ended in 1485 with emergence of Henry VII of the house of tutor (1485-1509) Henry VII is the new monarch of England Develops town and army Court of the Star chamber Uses roman law as basis of decisions Curve the authority and power of the nobles o Henry VIII
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Unformatted text preview: Heir to the VII Famous for having 6 wives Problem: needs a son because the great fear is that if he doesn’t have a son, the families of England will resume the fight over who will be king 6 wives • Unsuccessful States: Italy and Germany o Did not create states o Italy didn’t become a state until 1859-1870 o Germany Dominated the Holy Roman Empire by the family Hapsburg They were not interested in becoming a state and did not do so until 1871...
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