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Problem Set 1 - Name Section Rec TA Side 1 of 3 Course...

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Name Ch 1a, Problem Set One Section Side 1 of 3 Due Friday, Sep. 30, 2005 Rec TA at 4 PM in the Drop Box Course Policy on Significant Figures: Numbers with decimal points should have an obvious number of significant figures. Numbers without a decimal point will have as many significant figures as there are digits through the ones place. For example, 1970 kg and 16 oz have four and two significant figures, respectively. To refer to a number with fewer significant figures, one must employ scientific notation. For this problem set, assume that numbers reported as percentages are known to be infinitely precise. Points will be deducted for answers with the incorrect number of significant figures or the wrong units. PART ONE – STOCHIOMETRY 1. (20 Points) During the Apollo missions, each lunar module decelerated toward the surface of the moon by the oxidation of "Aerozine-50" fuel. Aerozine-50 is a blend of hydrazine, N 2 H 4 , and dimethylhydrazine, CH 3 ( ) 2 N 2 H 2 , 50% by mass in each component (known to infinite precision). Nitrogen tetroxide, N 2 O 4 , was used as the oxidizing agent. Assume that 3303 kg of Aerozine-50 was used in each deceleration, and that each component underwent ideal combustion according to the following unbalanced reactions: N 2 H 4 + N 2 O 4 " N 2 + H 2 O (1) CH 3 ( ) 2 N 2 H 2 + N 2 O 4 " N 2 + H 2 O+CO 2 (2) a. (5 Pts) Write the balanced forms of these two chemical reactions. b. (10 Pts) Calculate the mass, in kg, of N 2 O 4 used and CO 2 formed during the landing. c. (5 Pts) Determine the depth in centimeters of the equivalent water ice layer (density = 0.92 g/cm 3 ) deposited on the surface if spread evenly over a circle 2.0 km in diameter. 2.
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Problem Set 1 - Name Section Rec TA Side 1 of 3 Course...

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