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Problem Set 4 - Name Section Rec TA Side 1 of 3 Ch 1a,...

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Name Ch 1a, Problem Set Four Section Side 1 of 3 Due Friday, Oct 21, 2005 Rec TA at 4 PM in the Drop Box Problems 3 and 4 are designated ( ) as 'no collaboration' problems. As usual, you must complete and be able to replicate your own work. 1. (25 Points) The symbols at right correspond to the twelve lowest energy standing wave patterns generated on the top surface of a kettledrum (T. D. Rossing in Scientific American , November 1982, pp. 172-178). The patterns A - L are labeled in order of increasing energy, with A representing the lowest frequency and L the highest. This circular two-dimensional system displays angular nodes akin to the square system we discussed in lecture. Its circular nodes are more analogous to the three-dimensional radial nodes in atomic orbitals. a. (10 Points) With the convention of nodes adopted above, assign each kettledrum pattern a corresponding atomic orbital. For example, pattern A would correspond to a 1s orbital, because it has no nodes while pattern B would be a 2p orbital because it has 1 angular node. Briefly show your reasoning for each pattern. b. (12 Points) Generate a figure similar to Figure 1-20 (p. 36) in Gray, placing the patterns A - L in their appropriate positions corresponding to the placement of the atomic orbitals above. Remember to re-order the relative heights of
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Problem Set 4 - Name Section Rec TA Side 1 of 3 Ch 1a,...

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