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Quiz 4_Sol - 1 The backbone of the species[C2H5FNO2S2 is...

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1.) The “backbone” of the species [C 2 H 5 FNO 2 S 2 ] + is sketched below. The sketch shows only the connectivity of the atoms. It does not imply anything about the molecule’s shape. S F C S H N H C H H H O O S F C S H N H C H H H O O t etrahedral pl anar t ri angular s ee-saw OR planar triangul ar tetrahedral bent bent a.) Complete the structure by adding the appropriate number of bonds and lone pairs to the sketch to get the best possible structure. b.) Use VSEPR theory to describe the shape around each atom. 2.) For each of the following molecules, draw a Lewis dot structure and any significant resonance structures, label all formal charges, and predict the geometry using VSEPR. a.) SeF 4 b.) [XeF 3 ] + c.) [NO3] - Se F F F F see-saw Xe F F F T-shaped N O O O N O O O N O O O Trigonal Planar
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3.) Atmospheric chemistry/Lewis structures In class, Prof. Lewis described the catalytic destruction of ozone in the stratosphere which occurs by Chlorine species by the following two reactions Cl + O 3 ClO + O 2 ClO + O Cl + O
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