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CH 369 Spring 04 - Exam 2 Answers Multiple Choice - 2 pts each 1. For the reaction A + B Æ C, the rate of the reaction can be expressed as a. - [A]/ t b. [A]/ t c. [C]/ t d. a and c e. b and c 2. For the reaction 3A + 2B Æ P, the concentration of A and B are so high the enzyme is saturated. The reaction is a. zero order with respect to A b. zero order with respect to B c. zero order with respect to P d. a and b e. none of the above 3. Enzymes speed up the rate of a reaction by a. shifting the equilibrium of a reaction to favor products. b. reducing the standard free energy changes of the reaction. c. lowering the activation energy of the reaction. d. supplying more energy to the reaction. e. making the reaction more spontaneous. 4. Which statement is not true for competitive inhibition? a. inhibitor binds same active site on the enzyme b. V max is unchanged c. K M increases d. Lineweaver-Burk plots intersect on the y-axis e. inhibitor can bind the E and the ES complex 5. As written in the following reaction, _______________ is being reduced and ______________ is being oxidized. NADH + H + + CH 3 CHO NAD + + CH 3 CH 2 OH a. CH 3 CH 2 OH, NAD + b. NAD + , CH 3 CH 2 OH c. CH 3 CHO, NADH d. NADH, CH 3 CHO e. NADH, NAD +
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6. A noncompetitive inhibitor will change the __________ of an enzyme system. a. V max b. K M c. [S] d. [E] 7. Which of the following statements about zymogens is true? a. Zymogens are reversibly activated enzymes. b. Zymogens, such as trypsin and chymotrypsin, are activated in the pancreas. c. In the case of chymotrypsin, five disulfide bonds are broken and reformed between different residues to for the active enzyme. d. Changes in the primary structure of the zymogen bring about changes in the tertiary structure, which subsequently leads to enzyme activation. e. In the activation of zymogens, the polypeptide chain is cleaved and peptide fragments are added to the original sequence thus changing the tertiary structure and activating the enzyme. 8. In the mechanism of chymotrypsin action, the oxygen of serine 195 acts as a(n) ________________ with respect to its interaction with the peptide to be cleaved. a. nucleophile b. electrophile c. base d. acid e. It has no function in the enzyme mechanism. 9. Fatty acids a. are hydrophobic. b. are hydrophilic. c. are amphipathic. d. usually have trans double bonds. e. usually have an odd number of carbon atoms. 10. Which of the following lipid’s main function is that of energy storage? a. fatty acids b. waxes c. sphingolipids d. phosphoacylglycerols e. triacylglycerols 11. Which of the following scenarios would cause a lipid bilayer to become more ordered?
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CH369 exam2s04 - CH 369 Spring 04 Exam 2 Answers Multiple...

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