CH369 exam3f00 - CH 369Exam 3 November 7, 2000...

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Unformatted text preview: CH 369Exam 3 November 7, 2000 NAME__________________________ SS#_____________________________ 1. 20 pts_______ 2. 20 pts_______ 3. 10 pts______ 4. 10 pts_______ 5. 10 pts_______ 6. 5 pts_______ 7. 5 pts_______ 8. 10 pts_______ 9. 5 pts______ 10. 5 pts______ TOTAL 100 pts________________ Extra Credit 3 pts______________ 2 1. (20 pts) glucose 1 glucose-6-P 2 3 fructose 1,6 bisphoshate 4 4 glyceraldehyde- 3-P 5 & 6 7 3-P glycerate 8 9 phosphoenolpyruvate 10 pyruvate 11 lactate True or False (0.5 pt each) i.____ The production of lactate in anaerobic glycolysis is necessary for step 6. j.____ The net synthesis of 6 ATP occurs in the metabolism of 3 molecules of glucose in glycolysis. k._____Galactose-1-P must be converted to glucose-1-P to enter glycolysis. l.____ Ethanol is the end product of anaerobic glycolysis in all organisms. m. _____Phosphoenol pyruvate has a positive free energy of hydrolysis n.____ Dietary fructose enters glycolysis following phosphorylation by hexokinase Using the diagram at the left, fill in the empty boxes and answer the following questions. Answer NONE if that is an appropriate answer: (1 pts each) a. Which step(s) are regulated_______________ b. Which step(s) generate ATP_______________ b....
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CH369 exam3f00 - CH 369Exam 3 November 7, 2000...

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