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CH369 exam3s98 - CH 369Exam 3 Spring 1998 1(16 pts Glucose...

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CH 369—Exam 3 Spring 1998 1. (16 pts) Glucose 1 glucose-6-P 2 fructose-6-P 3 fructose 1,6, bisP 4 4 glyceraldehyde- 3-P 5 ° 6 7 3-P glycerate 8 2-P glycerate 9 phosphoenol pyruvate 10 11 lactate 2. (4 pts) The synthesis of glycogen requires an “energized” source of glucose: glucose-1-P + UTP ± UDP-glucose + PPi G = +0.00001 kcal/mol a) Will this reaction proceed in the forward direction? b) Consider the following information: 2 Pi ² PPi G = +7.4 kcal/mol How might the cell make the first reaction proceed? Rewrite the equation to show how the cell might accomplish this and calculate the G. Using the diagram at the left, fill in the empty boxes and answer the following questions: a. Which steps generate ATP_______________. b. Which steps consume ATP_______________. c. Which steps are irreversible ______________. d. Which steps require cofactors_____________. e. What is the name of the enzyme for reaction 4 _____________________________________. f. Draw the structure of the product of reaction 10. g. Starting with one molecule of glucose, what is the NET amount of ATP molecules gained by anaerobic glycolysis ________.
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2 oxaloacetate 8 ³ 1 ´ malate 7 Ø 2 OE isocitrate 6 Ø 3 OE succinate α -ketoglutarate º 5 4 µ succinyl-CoA 3. (17 pts.) Using the diagram on the
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