ch369 exam4s05 - CH 369 Exam 4 Spring 2005 1. Which of the...

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CH 369 Exam 4 – Spring 2005 1. Which of the following components is present in the structure of chlorophyll but not in the structure of heme? a. Planar porphyrin ring b. Central metal or metal ion c. Long lipid side chain d. Nitrogens used to complex the metal e. All of the above are components of both heme and chlorophyll 2. The longer wavelength of a photon of light, a. the faster it travels. b. the slower it travels. c. the higher its energy d. the lower its energy e. the wavelength of a photon makes no difference in either speed or energy. 3. What happens to the energy of a photon that hits an antenna pigment? a. The energy is immediately absorbed by that pigment and activates Photosystem II. b. The photon is reflected unless it hits a reaction center. c. The energy is transferred to other pigments until it reaches a reaction center. d. Only the energy corresponding to a wavelength of 680 nm is absorbed to activate Photosystem II, and the rest is reflected as a photon of a different wavelength. 4. The light phase of photosynthesis serves to _______________, while the dark phase serves to _____________________. a. form ATP and NADPH ; synthesize carbohydrates b. fix carbon dioxide ; create a proton gradient c. excite Photosystems I and II ; create a proton gradient d. oxidize water ; reduce NADP + e. None of these are true. 5. Fatty acid synthesis occurs in the ________________, whereas fatty acid breakdown occurs in the _________________. a. cytoplasm ; mitochondria b. mitochondria ; cytoplasm c. cytoplasm ; endoplasmic reticulum d. endoplasmic reticulum ; cytoplasm
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6. During fatty acid biosynthesis, the growing fatty acid chain is attached to a. tetrahydrofolate b. ACP c. coenzyme A d. biotin e. None of these 7. Excess acetyl CoA in the body will result in the production of a. ketone bodies b. β
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ch369 exam4s05 - CH 369 Exam 4 Spring 2005 1. Which of the...

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