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PHY303L Homework%2010
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Unformatted text preview: homework 10 - FAUSAK, TAYLOR - Due: Mar 31 2008, 4:00 am 1 Question 1, chap 31, sect 5. part 1 of 4 10 points The switch in the circuit shown is closed at time t =0. 8 H 9 21 V S I At what rate is energy being dissipated as Joule heat in the resistor after an elapsed time equal to the time constant of the circuit? Answer in units of W. Question 2, chap 31, sect 5. part 2 of 4 10 points Calculate the rate at which energy is being stored in the inductor at this time. Answer in units of W. Question 3, chap 31, sect 5. part 3 of 4 10 points What is the total energy stored in the in- ductor at this time? Answer in units of J. Question 4, chap 31, sect 5. part 4 of 4 10 points How long a time does it take the current to reach 90 percent of its maximum value? Answer in units of s. Question 5, chap 32, sect 4. part 1 of 3 10 points A capacitor of 73 F is connected in series to an inductor of 30 mH and to an open switch. The capacitor is first charged to a voltage of 276 V. The charging battery is then removed, and the switch is closed....
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