Sample-E5 - Chemistry 322bL Basic Organic Chemistry August...

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Chemistry 322bL Name ________________________________ Basic Organic Chemistry August 9, 2004 SAMPLE 2005 EXAMINATION 5 (FINAL) Answer the following questions in the space provided. Please organize your thoughts and attempt to make your answer as legible as possible. If we cannot read your answer, it cannot be given credit . Please remember that C-C-C-C without hydrogens and “stick” structural representations will be given NO credit ( except for rings only ). FOLLOWING QUESTIONS FROM EXAM 4 2004 – COVERED ON Final EXAM 2005 III. Give the main organic product(s) for the following reactions, or provide the needed reagents and conditions for the transformation shown, as appropriate. More than one step may be required for a given compound. Be sure to note stereochemistry and/or regiochemistry wherever relevant. You do not need to balance the equation, show byproducts, or show any mechanisms. ("No reaction" is always a possible answer.) (a) (d) VI. Using structural formulae, (i) show the product of the first step ( no mechanism), and (ii) show the mechanism of the second step. pH 8 H 2 O + NH 2 CH 2 (polypeptide) F NO 2 2 + OC(CH 3 ) 3 2 OC(CH 3 ) 3 2 2 CO 2 H 2 2) HOC(CH 3 ) 3 1) NaNO 2 , H 2 SO 4 H 2 O, 5 o C Zwitter Ion F 2 O 2 N EtOH NaOEt
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Chemistry 322bL SAMPLE 2005 Examination 5 (Final)
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Sample-E5 - Chemistry 322bL Basic Organic Chemistry August...

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