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Calculus 1A: Homework Assignments. Notes and Hints Revised 1/19/09 Spring 2009, TT 3:30pm - 5:00pm, Room 105 Stanley Hall Instructor: Professor Zvezdelina Stankova HW5. Read § 3.3-3.4. Solve and Write Problems: (1) § 3.3: #2,10,16,24,34. When a question asks for the equation of a tangent line, first find the derivative of your function, and then use the point slope-formula for the tangent line. (2) § 3.4: #2,4,12,16,20,22,34,44*,52*,60*,66. (a) An asterik * means that the problem is harder in my opinion, so don’t give up easily; in #60, for
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Unformatted text preview: example, just get to the point of some equation in terms of cos x and cos 2 x , and leave it at that -it is possible to solve it, but it requires one of the trig. formulas from the begining of the textbook. (b) #66: start by writing the formula for the derivative of composite function with the specic given functions, redraw the given graph in your HW and draw the tangents that you are using in your solution; compare with #65. 1...
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