19 Growth & Development (answers)

19 Growth & Development (answers) - SI Leader:...

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SI Leader: Anita Vijapura Spring 2010 BSC2011 02/19 What are the 3 developmental processes that produce the plant body?: 1) Growth 2) Morphogenesis 3) Cellular differentiation 1) Growth What are the primary determinants of growth and form?: 1) Cell division 2) Cell expansion Plane of cell division determined by ___preprophase band (ring of microtubules in the cytoplasm)__ during __late interphase__. 1) If parallel to first cell division… Produce a single file of cells 2) If in 3 planes… Gives rise to a cube 3) If varies randomly… Asymmetrical cell division occurs How is the direction of cell elongation determined (as confirmed by the fass mutant of Arabidopsis? Orientation of the cytoskeleton affects the direction by controlling the orientation of cellulose microfibrils within the cell wall (picture). Explain how a mutation such as fass in Arabidopsis results in a stubby plant rather than a normal elongated one. In
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19 Growth & Development (answers) - SI Leader:...

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