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SI Leader: Anita Vijapura Spring 2010 BSC2011 02/19 What are the 3 developmental processes that produce the plant body? 1) 2) 3) 1) _________________ : What are the primary determinants of growth and form? 1) 2) Plane of cell division is determined by ________________________ during ___________________________. 1) If parallel to first cell division… 2) If in 3 planes… 3) If varies randomly… How is the direction of cell elongation determined (as confirmed by the fass mutant of Arabidopsis)? Explain how a mutation such as fass in Arabidopsis results in a stubby plant rather than a normal elongated one. 2) _________________________ : the development of ___________________ and ______________________. During this process, what drives the spatial organization of tissues and organs into defined body plan or final shape? 1
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SI Leader: Anita Vijapura Spring 2010 BSC2011 02/19 The development of tissues and organs in specific locations depends on the ability of cells to detect and respond to
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Unformatted text preview: ____________________________. An example of this type of information is associated with __________________: It is induced by the first division of a plant zygote since it is normally ____________________, and thus creating a _________________ end and a ________________ end. In the gnom mutant of Arabidopsis, this capability is defective. Explain where the defect occurs and the consequences resulting from such defect? How is morphogenesis in plants controlled? Provide example. 3) Cellular Differentiation Cells of a developing organism share a common genome, but still synthesize different ___________________ and thus, diverge in __________________ and _____________________. How is this possible? Thus, this process depends on A) B) _____________________________ cell fate is associated with the __________________ of a particular cell relative to other cells. What determine the pathway of differentiation for a cell in a developing organ? Give example. 2...
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19 Growth & Development -...

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