2-11-10- Plant Vocabulary Worksheet 2

2-11-10- Plant Vocabulary Worksheet 2 - BSC2011 SI...

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BSC2011 SI: 2/11/10 Instructor: Kathryn Worksheet 2 – Plant Definitions Chapter 35 Definitions: 1. ____________________________- embryonic plant tissue in the tips of roots and in the buds of shoots that supplies cells for the plant to grow in length 2. ____________________________- a flexible plant cell type that occurs in strands or sylinders that supports plants without restraining growth 3. ____________________________- outer protective covering of plants; includes cuticle, periderm, and epidermis 4. ____________________________- plant tissue sthat are neither vascular nor dermal, fulfilling a variety of functions including sorage, photosynthesis, and support; includes cortex and pith 5. ____________________________- a meristem that thickens the roots and shoots of woody plants; includes the vascular and cork cambium 6. _____________________________- the main photosynthetic organ of vascular plants 7. _____________________________- a relatively unspecialized plant cell type that carries out most of the metabolism, synthesizes and stores organic products, and develops into a more differentiated cell type 8. ______________________________- growth produced by apical meristems; the lengthing of roots and shoots 9. _______________________________- an organ in vascular plants that anchors the plant and enables it to absorb water and nutrients from the soil 10. _______________________________- a rigid, supportive plant cell; possesses a thick secondary cell wall 11. _______________________________- growth poroduced by lateral meristems, thickening the
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2-11-10- Plant Vocabulary Worksheet 2 - BSC2011 SI...

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