ch40 questions - Ch40 37) Which of the following is true of...

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Ch40 37) Which of the following is true of interstitial fluid? A)It forms the extracellular matrix of connective tissue. B)It is the internal environment found in animal cells. C)It is composed of blood. D)It provides for the exchange of materials between blood and cells. E)It is found inside the small intestine. 67) Most of our cells are surrounded by A)blood. B)basement membranes. C)interstitial fluid. D)pure water. E)air. 5) Which of the following tissues lines the kidney ducts? A)connective B)smooth muscle C)nervous D)epithelial E)adipose 6) "Stratified columnar" is a description which might apply to what type of animal tissue? A)connective B)striated muscle C)nerve D)epithelial E)bone 7) What is stratified cuboidal epithelium composed of? A)several layers of boxlike cells B)a hierarchical arrangement of flat cells C)a tight layer of square cells attached to a basement membrane D)an irregularly arranged layer of pillarlike cells E)a layer of ciliated, mucus-secreting cells 4) The epithelium best adapted for a body surface subject to abrasion is A)simple squamous. B)simple cuboidal. C)simple columnar. D)stratified columnar. E)stratified squamous. 15) Cartilage is an example of which of the following types of tissue? A)connective B)reproductive C)nervous D)epithelial E)adipose 9) Which statement best links the group of tissues known as connective tissue? A connective tissue will have A)an extracellular matrix containing fibers. B)a supporting material such as chondroitin sulfate. C)an epithelial origin. D)relatively few cells and a large amount of extracellular matrix.
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E)both A and B. 30) Which of the following layers of the stomach is best described as being composed primarily of epithelial tissue? A)mucosa B)submucosa C)muscularis D)serosa E)mesenteries 54) Epithelial tissues are characterized as such because they A)transmit impulses. B)cause body movements. C)cover both external and internal body surfaces. D)sense stimuli. E)form a framework that supports the body. 55) Which of these is a type of connective tissue? A)bone B)muscle C)axons D)striated muscle E)the interior lining of the mouth 49) Which of the following characteristics of blood best explains its classification as connective tissue? A)Its cells are widely dispersed and surrounded by a fluid. B)It contains more than one type of cell. C)It is contained in vessels that "connect" different parts of an organism's body. D)Its cells can move from place to place. E)It is found within all the organs of the body. 23) Matrices of connective tissue include all of the following except A)chondroitin sulfate of cartilage. B)actin and myosin of muscle. C)plasma of blood. D)hydroxyapatite of bone. E)More than one of the above is correct. The following questions refer to the diagram shown in Figure 40.1.
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ch40 questions - Ch40 37) Which of the following is true of...

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