Ch 41 - Ch 41 3) Which of the following is not one of the...

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Ch 41 3) Which of the following is not one of the four classes of essential nutrients? A)essential sugars B)essential amino acids C)essential fatty acids D)essential vitamins E)essential minerals 2) Some nutrients are considered "essential" in the diets of certain animals because A)only those animals use the nutrients. B)they are subunits of important polymers. C)they cannot be manufactured by the organism. D)they are necessary coenzymes. E)only some foods contain them. 4) Animals require certain basic amino acids in their diet. An amino acid that is referred to as nonessential would be best described as one that A)can be made from other substances. B)is not used by the organism in biosynthesis. C)must be ingested in the diet. D)is less important than an essential amino acid. E)is not found in many proteins. 5) What are essential amino acids? A)those that are absent in fruits and vegetables B)the only amino acids found in human proteins C)those amino acids that are generally more abundant in vegetables than in meat D)one class of vitamins that is indispensable for neurological development E)molecules that are not synthesized by most animals 12) Which of the following terms could be applied to any organism with a digestive system? A)heterotroph B)autotroph C)herbivore D)omnivore E)bulk feeder 22) What is peristalsis? A)a process of fat emulsification in the small intestine B)voluntary control of the rectal sphincters regulating defecation C)the transport of nutrients to the liver through the hepatic portal vein D)loss of appetite, fatigue, dehydration, and nervous disorders E)smooth muscle contractions that move food through the alimentary canal 24) What is the substrate of salivary amylase? A)protein
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Ch 41 - Ch 41 3) Which of the following is not one of the...

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