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Biology 2011 Ecology Q & A Sunday, December 07, 2008 -You are allowed to use a calculator. -Know processes but don’t have to know examples. Test is all about concepts. -We don’t have to know all the biomes, just the ones Matt went over in discussion Q: Why is there a J-shaped Species abundance distribution ? A: There are a lot of different hypotheses. For example, during the Olympics, many swimmers who wore the hydro dynamically designed suit didn’t want to because they felt like they were swimming downhill. In nature, there a couple of good ways to keep up and then there are the rest. A lot of speciation happens where resources can be taken advantage. There can be a lot of species in low numbers because of the niche. Q: Explain El Nino : A: Winds are blowing E to W (Westerlies/westward winds/eastward winds) which piles ocean water on the western side of the pacific. The El Nino winds stop and there is warm water that suddenly comes sloshing back (to coastal Cali). Water is being replaced by coastal upwelling and the from the nutrient rich bottom of the ocean. The nutrients were not originially being used because lack of sunlight at those depths. Plants can’t use those nutrients until it’s brought to the surface. So the cold nutrient rich water keeps fisheries really productive. 1. Redistribution of temp. of ocean; water becomes warm 2. Shutdown of nutrients causing fisheries to fail Q: Clarify Models of Succession: A: 3 models of succession proposed: 1. Facilitation : species come in and generally change the abiotic aspects of environment making it more hospitable for others, in turn making it less hospitable for themselves and kicking themselves out
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BSC%202011%20Ecology%20Q%20%26%20A - Biology 2011 Ecology Q...

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