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BSC 2011: Practice Test Questions – Plant Form & Function Week 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) One important difference between the anatomy of roots and the anatomy of leaves is that A) leaves have epidermal tissue but roots do not. 1) _____ B) the cells of roots have cell walls and leaf cells do not. C) only leaves have phloem and only roots have xylem. D) vascular tissue is found in roots but is absent from leaves. E) a waxy cuticle covers leaves but is absent in roots. 2) The fiber cells of plants are a type of A) collenchyma. B) sclerenchyma. C) meristematic cell. D) parenchyma. E) phloem 3) Which of the following is true of bark? A) It is composed of phloem plus periderm. 3) _____ B) It is associated with annuals but not perennials. C) It has no identifiable function in trees. D) It forms annual rings in deciduous trees. E) It is formed by the apical meristems. 4) Gas exchange, necessary for photosynthesis, can occur most easily in which leaf tissue? A) palisade mesophyll 4) _____ B) epidermis C) vascular tissue D) spongy mesophyll E) bundle sheath The following question is based on parts of a growing primary root. I. root cap II. zone of elongation III. zone of cell division IV. zone of cell maturation V. apical meristem 5) Which of the following is the correct sequence from the growing tips of the root upward? A) I, V, III, II, IV 5) _____ B) I, II, V, III, IV C) II, IV, I, V, III D) III, V, I, II, IV E) IV, II, III, I, V 6) Which of the following is a true statement about growth in plants? A) Some plants lack secondary growth. 6) _____ B) Only stems have secondary growth. C) Only secondary growth produces reproductive structures. D) Monocots have only primary growth, and eudicots have only secondary growth. E) Only primary growth is localized at meristems. 7) What tissue makes up most of the wood of a tree?
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A) primary xylem 7) _____ B) vascular cambium C) secondary xylem D) mesophyll cells E) secondary phloem 8) All of the following cell types are correctly matched with their functions except A) sieve-tube member-translocation 8) _____ B) vessel element-water transport
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BSC2011KitajimaWeek1 - BSC 2011 Practice Test Questions...

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