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biosphere card review small - 1 Name the 3 kinds of...

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1. Name the 3 kinds of symbiosis you learned about. 2. Name one way CARBON is added to the atmosphere during the carbon cycle. 3. Name TWO of the FOUR ways you learned about that organisms interact in an ecosystem. 4. Food chains always have a(n)______________ on their first trophic level. 5. Process in which bacteria convert nitrates into nitrogen gas and release it into the atmosphere. 6. Which of these is a decomposer? 7. The process in which water from plant leaves evaporates into the atmosphere is _______________. 8. Name the biogeochemical cycle you learned about that does not cycle through the atmosphere. 9. Which of the following is NOT part of the nitrogen cycle? Denitrification Nitrogen fixation Photosynthesis Addition of fertilizer Excretion by animals 10. TRUE OR FALSE Humans get the nitrogen they need from the atmosphere. 11. Which of these is a herbivore?
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12. Name a biomolecule found in living things that contains NITROGEN. 13. The water cycle is also called the _______________ cycle.
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