Terrestrial Biomes - -Birds and large mammals Temperate...

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Chaparal : - Along coastlines in midlatitudes - Cool , rainy winters & hot, dry summers - Dominant vegetations: evergreen shrubs & small trees - maintained and adapted to periodic FIRES Deserts : -low and unpredictable precipitation, animals adapt to dry conditions -Plants use C4 and CAM photosynthesis, have reduced leaf surface area, water storage adaptations, and protective spines and toxins -low biodiversity (because of irrigated agriculture and urbanization) Savanna : - equatorial and subequatorial -rainy and dry seasons -vegetation: grasses and forbs, small broad leaved plants; scattered trees -large grazing mammals and their predators; Dominant herbivore: insects Coniferous forest (taiga): -Largest terrestrial biome - Northern latitudes -Harsh winters with heavy snowfall & periodic droughts, and hot summers
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Unformatted text preview: -Birds and large mammals Temperate Forest :-broad leaved decidious trees-mid latitutdes in northern hemisphere-Winters are cold & summers are hot and humid-Destroyed by: agricultures and development Temperate Grassland :-Maintained by fire, seasonal droughts, and grazing by large mammals-Winters are cold and dry & Summers are hot and wet Tropical rain forests :-equatorial and subequatorial regions-abundant rainfall, warm temperatures-vertical stratification-high animal diversity-Destroyed by: Agricultures and development Tundra:-covers large areas of the Arctic-long, cold winters & short, mild summers-dwarfed, matlike vegetation-Migratory large mammals and birds-Damaged by: mineral and oil extraction...
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Terrestrial Biomes - -Birds and large mammals Temperate...

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