13.1-13.2 - Last reminders: This week (Dead Week) is your...

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1 Last reminders: This week (Dead Week) is your last chance at: SI Office hours Most semester exam, homework and extra-credit grade issues If there are grade issues on Exam 4, I am willing to address those issues until 2:30 PM on Monday, April 27. Last reminders: Final exam time scheduled by university: CH101-002 (MWF 11:20 12:10) Monday, May 4, 8-11 AM DAB222 Per university regulation, students must take their final exam during the section they are REGISTERED for. The only reason for an exam time change is three exams in 24 hours. Last reminders: What to bring: photo ID (all ID’s checked) #2 pencil calculator BRAIN What not to bring: scratch paper Good hygiene optional What will the final exam be like? You’ll know you had one. It’s worth 200 points so it’s a double -exam. Regular Exam: 28 Questions Final Exam: 57 Questions Practice Final Exam available on course website Last reminders: Final exam Your Semester Exams HW 20 The BIG topics: lewis structures & molecular shape (14%) thermodynamics/kinetics (19%) net equations (ppt, redox, acid/base) (14%) Last reminders: Final exam questions by CAMS chapter Chapter 1: 4 Chapter 2: 4 Chapter 3: 1 Chapter 4: 4 Chapter 5: 6 Chapter 6: 5 Chapter 7: 3 Chapter 8: 1 Chapter 9: 11 Chapter 10: 5 Chapter 11: 3 Chapter 12: 7 Chapter 13: 3
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2 Last reminders: Final grades I will update your total points by April 28th I have been dropping low homework grades all semester. There will be no extensions WHATSOEVER
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13.1-13.2 - Last reminders: This week (Dead Week) is your...

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