nabr 11 shown is the standing wave electron wave

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Unformatted text preview: own is the standing wave electron wave function for n=1. For which n will the wave function pass through all three points? B.) 1 C.) 2 D.) 3 E.) 4 Page 4 of 6 Name:_________________________________________ 12.) The absorption spectrum of a given compound is shown below. What color does it appear under illumination with green light? A.) black 13.) B.) red C.) green D.) blue E.) white Consider the electrolysis of 10 g of liquid water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Approximately what volume of gas will be formed? A.) ~ 1 m3 B.) ~ 1 L C.) ~ 10 mL D.) ~ 10 L E.) ~ 1 kL 14.) Which of the following has a linear molecular structure? A.) NH2 - B.) ICl2 - C.) IF2+ D.) H2S E.) SO2 15.) Ionization energy (IE) is the energy required to remove an electron from an atom. For which pair X + Y below will transfer of an electron from X to Y occur at the longest distance to form ions X+ and Y-? A.) Li + Br B.) Na + Br C.) K + Br D....
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