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Unformatted text preview: Ö = hí - hío = mv2/2 ë de Broglie= h/p = h/mv (Do not write in this box; it is for official use only.) Page 2-4 5 6 Total Points / 45 / 30 / 30 / 105 Page 2 of 6 Name:_________________________________________ Part 1: Multiple Choice. (3 pts each, 45 pts total) Instructions: Bubble in the correct answer on your Scantron sheet AND circle the answer on your exam. Each question has one correct answer. 1.) The answer to question 1 is B. Bubble in B on your Scantron™ form. 2.) Which is required in the greatest quantity (mass) in order to produce 1 gram of Br2? A.) HBr 3.) B.) 8B C.) A.) 0 A.) 6.) A.) D.) MgBr2 E.) CaBr2 20 Ne D.) 24 Mg E.) 32 S Including the structure below, how many structural isomers of propanol exist? CH 3 5.) C.) KBr Which has ëde Broglie equal to twice that of 16O at the same speed? A.) 4He 4.) B.) NaBr B.) 1 CH 2 CH2 C.) 2 OH D.) 3 E.) 4 Which of the following a...
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