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Unformatted text preview: ) Rb + Br E.) Cs + Br Page 5 of 6 Name:_________________________________________ Part 2: Short Answer Problems (60 pts total) Instructions: Enter answers in the boxes provided. Show your work. Where requested write explanations in fifteen words or less. (30 pts) 1.) A compound containing only carbon and hydrogen is combusted with oxygen. a) Shown is a mass spectrum of the combustion products. Identify the products. Product 1: b) Product 2: Based on the ratio of peak heights in the mass spectrum, determine the empirical formula of the unknown. Answer: c) The molecular mass of the unknown is 26 g/mol. What is its molecular formula? Answer: d) Draw the Lewis electron dot structure for the unknown. Structure: e) Which is true for the H−C−C bond angle (θ) in the unknown? Circle the appropriate answer and explain. Explanation: Page 6 of 6 Name:_________________________________________ (30 pts) 2.) The minimum amount of energy a photon needs to ej...
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