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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 1A Fall 2000 __________________________________________________________________________________ Midterm Exam I, version B September 19, 2000 (Closed book, 75 minutes, 105 points) Name: ______________________ Section Number: ____________________ SID: _______________________ T.A. Name: ________________________ Exam information, extra directions, and useful hints to maximize your score: • • • • • • Write your name on all six pages. There are two parts to the exam: 1) multiple choice and 2) short answer problems. For the multiple choice problems, fill in the ScantronTM form AND circle the answer on your exam. Answer the questions you know how to do first, then work on the questions you skipped. Show all work on the short answer problems for which you want credit and do not forget to include units! You may use the back side of the exam for scratch paper. ________________Unit Prefixes ________________ milli, m (x 10-3) micro, ì (x 10-6) nano, n (x 10-9) kilo, k (x 103) mega, M (x106) giga, G (x 109) Some possibly useful information: Ephoton = hí = hc/ë Ekin (e-) = hí ...
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