Note the h atoms are not shown a b c d e 6 which

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Unformatted text preview: mino acids is not chiral? (note: the H atoms are not shown) B.) C. ) D.) E.) Which of the following molcules does have an electric dipole moment? B.) C.) D.) E.) Page 3 of 6 7.) Name:_________________________________________ Shown is the graph depicting the quantity of P4O10 accumulated in the oxidation of P as a function of added P for a fixed amount of O2. Through which point would the graph pass for a similar reaction with access to half the amount of O2? A.) 1 8.) B.) B.) A.) 0 E.) 5 C.) B.) 56 D.) E.) C.) 100 D.) 112 E.) 128 For which of the following are all ions isoelectronic with Ar? A.) NaCl 11.) D.) 4 How many grams of CaCO3 are formed from the reaction of 56 g of CaO and 56 g of CO2? A.) 44 10.) C.) 3 A mixture of one-third 12C, one-third 16O, and one-third 18O reacts to form pure CO2. Which is the correct mass spectrum of the CO2? A.) 9.) 2 B.) MgCl2 C.) KCl D.) CaBr2 E.) NaBr Sh...
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