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LABORATORY WRITEup (1) - up were there color changes...

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LABORATORY WRITE-UPS (REPORTS) – Each person will be asked to complete two (2) write-ups to be graded. Remember, each individual will be receiving a grade on HIS/HER OWN work; copying of write-ups is considered cheating and will be penalized as an Honor Code violation. Each write-up should include a cover sheet with the title of the experiment and the student name, due date, and names of the laboratory partners. Labs that are missed due to unavoidable absences are to be completed, acknowledging those partners responsible for completing the work and providing data. Laboratory protocols will provide you with the following: Title/Purpose; Background; Materials; Procedure; Questions (occasionally) – the protocol must be included directly behind the cover sheet. Sections in the write-up that each student are responsible for should follow the format below : 1. Observations – what information is necessary for you to remember? ex. How to use a piece of equipment, how your equipment was set
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Unformatted text preview: up, were there color changes, changes to the protocol and why, et c; what time did you start and finish the procedure? Flow charts may be helpful to give you a visual sense of the procedure. 2. Data & Results -- Note all your results such as volumes and amounts, raw data and measurements, gel photographs, calculations, etc. 3. Discussion/Conclusions-- this is one of the most important sections in which you summarize all of your results, even if they were stated elsewhere. You are explaining what your results mean. Include any conclusions that can be made such as: What do those little dots on a graph or bands in the gel represent? What does the data mean to you? Are results reasonable and as expected or impossible to rationalize? As a result, did your experiment work ; why or why not? If not , what went wrong and why? What would you do differently next time in order to make it work? 4. Answers to questions, if applicable...
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