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Andrew Case 03-01-2010 Dr. Dent Interview: Leadership Introduction The manager that I chose to interview is Sean Burkett of Blackwater Grille. He is one of the assistant managers, as well as the night/bar manager on Thursdays-Sundays. Blackwater Grille is located in Historic Downtown Lumberton NC. They have been open since 2004, and Blackwater Grille has been pleasing customers from all over the country with their great low-country fare. Blackwater Grille consists of a bar that patrons go to during the day to relax and have a few drinks, they also have a sit-down restaurant in which patrons can enjoy meals for lunch and dinner. During the warm months they have an outdoor patio that customers can go outside and sit and enjoy food and drinks on warm afternoons and evenings. Blackwater also contains a dance floor outback where the younger crowd can listen to DJ’s at night and dance with their friends. Blackwater Grille was the first place in Lumberton, NC to have both a high quality dining experience along with a full bar. They are as successful as they are because there is no competition against them, they are the only place in Lumberton to offer both of these amenities and also providing a dance floor. Findings Leadership can be observed in all aspects of his work. Whether it is dealing with other co-workers or having to deal with customers. He has to be prepared to deal with
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any situation that occurs while on and off the job. There are managers for each specific section of the restaurant. There is a manager to see over the cooks, the restaurant part of the business which includes the hostesses and the waiters, and a manager too see over the staff of the bar which includes the cocktail waitresses and the bartenders. Managers are always working together to provide the best service they can to the customers that enter the restaurant. When Sean arrives to work he has to check that all staff that is required to be there is on staff. All drinks and mixers that need to be out for the night shift are put into place by the workers that have opened. He makes this check by making sure the other managers that are on staff have their employees doing there job. If not, Sean then talks with their overseeing manager and questions why certain tasks
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leadership paper - Andrew Case Dr Dent Interview Leadership...

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