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Abstract Quantitative analysis is that aspect of analytical chemistry concerned with determining how much of one or more constituents is present in a particular sample of material. Information such as percentage composition is essential in analytical chemistry for determining chemical formulas for compounds. Two common methods for quantitative analysis are gravimetric analysis and volumetric analysis. Gravimetric analysis derives its name from the process of isolating the desired constituent in weighable form. Volumetric analysis derives its name from the process of measuring the volume of a reagent. Gravimetric analysis, in short, involves changing one compound containing the constituent into another compound containing that constituent
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Unformatted text preview: and measuring the percent chloride in the product to determine the percent chloride in the previous compound. In this experiment, silver chloride will be produced from an unknown chloride containing compound. The percent chloride will then be determined based on the amount of silver chloride recovered from the precipitation reaction. Conclusion In this lab on Gravimetric Analysis we learned useful techniques for determining an unknown mass by calculating the Gravimetric Factor. The experiment went smoothly, our experiments and calculations were very precise. I will take away from this lab a wealth of new knowledge in areas such as Gravimetric analysis, stoichiometry, and precipitate reactions....
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