MTReviewQ_10 - Ronald Lee March 2, 2010 Midterm Review...

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Ronald Lee March 2, 2010 Midterm Review Questions 2010 Previous midterms and finals have been posted to the web site. Some of the readings and lectures have changed since those midterms, so don’t worry if you see questions on readings you have never heard of. Professor Lee will also hold a review session ( Monday March 8 th from 5:30 to 7:00 in room 2050 VLSB) where we can discuss these review questions or other questions you have about the course material. You will probably get an excellent workout just going over the questions on the old midterms. However, if you want more practice on the material, here are some additional review questions. Please bring them to my review session if you come. It would also be helpful if you try to answer them in advance so that you can see with which ones you have difficulty. The exam questions will be written more carefully than are these review questions. 1. You should have a general (but not necessarily specific) familiarity with demographic levels and trends globally (in population size, growth rate, TFR, life expectancy), and have some notion of trends in the main regions of the world (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe) and in the industrial, or developed nations, as well as in the US. You also should be able to explain the meaning of “TFR”, “life expectancy at birth”, and “period vs cohort” type measures. Here are some questions which you should be able to answer at least approximately: a) How big is the global population? How is it expected to change over the next century? b)
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MTReviewQ_10 - Ronald Lee March 2, 2010 Midterm Review...

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