BLAW Final Study Guide - o Entitled up to 12 weeks of...

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Ch 16 Pg 479 Requirements for Financing statements First in line of banks is first to collect Pg. 485-486 Self help repossession Pg 488 writ of attachment Pg. 501 Bankruptcy o Difference between chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy Pg. 507 What kind of debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy Ch 17 Pg 517 Employee vs. Independent contractors Pg. 523-525 Duty of loyalty, reporting, notification, ect. Pg. 524 Case 17.3 Cousins vs. Realty Adventures Pg. 531 Disclosed vs. Undisclosed principals Ch 18 Employment Law Doctrine 40 Hours per week then you get overtime Workers Compensation Social Security- for disability, retirees, death contribution o Employee and employer both pay into social security 6.2% Vesting o 3-5 years
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FMLA (family medical leave act)
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Unformatted text preview: o Entitled up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave American Disability act Pg 573 o Correctable conditions Ch 19 Read Summary for 594 and 595 How much liability do you have in certain situations Know difference between all business liabilities Corporation vs. LLC o Articles of incorpation< Corp. o Articles of something Pg 596 different kinds of franchises Pg 600 Case 19.3 Ch 21 Protection and security laws Securities act of 1933 and 1934 Insider trading Pg 650 case 21.1 Misappropriation theory Pg 655 case 21.3 Pg 660-661 Sarbanes Oxley Ch 24 Pg 734 dif. Types of real estate Profit vs. easement Pg 738 Eminent Domain...
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BLAW Final Study Guide - o Entitled up to 12 weeks of...

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