BLAW Test 2 - B LAW Test on Monday Ch 5 Pg 143 < definit...

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BLAW Test on Monday Ch. 5 Pg. 143 < definitions and such Patent- a grant from the government that gives an inventor exclusive rights to an invention Copyright- the right of an author of a literary or artistic work Trademark- any distinctive word, name, symbol or device that distinguish its goods or services from those of another Trade secret- any information that a business possesses and that gives the business an advantage over another Know Coca-Cola Case Terms: Certification mark- used by one or more people to certify the region, materials, amode of manufacture, quality, or other stuff of specific goods or service. Ex- “good housekeeping seal of approval” Collective mark- when used by members of a cooperative, association, union, or other organizations, a certification mark is know as a collective mark Trade names- used to indicate part or all of a businesses name, whether the business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation, i.e. coca cola Trade dress- images and overall appearance of a product Service marks- a trademark that is used to distinguish the services of one company from those of another. I.E. an airline, tv stations, radio stations Cyber squatting- when someone buys a domain name and intends to profit off it because
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BLAW Test 2 - B LAW Test on Monday Ch 5 Pg 143 < definit...

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