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Contorso Data - Susan Billing Clerk 25 No Moore Bobby File...

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Contoso, Ltd. Last Name First Name Job Title Hours Insurance Barnhill Josh Billing Clerk 36 Yes Bourne Stephanie Physician 36 Yes Da Silva Sergio Physician Assistant 36 Yes Delaney Aidan Receptionist 36 Yes Dellamore Luca Medical Assistant 36 Yes Giest Jim Office Manager 40 Yes Hamilton David Medical Assistant 36 Yes Hensien Kari File Clerk 20 No Hoeing Helge Medical Assistant 36 Yes Holliday Nicole Physician 36 Yes Kane John Registered Nurse 30 Yes Kane John Registered Nurse 30 Yes Kennedy Kevin File Clerk 15 No Laszlo Rebecca Physician 36 Yes Metters Susan Billing Clerk 25 No Metters
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Unformatted text preview: Susan Billing Clerk 25 No Moore Bobby File Clerk 15 No Moreland Barbara Billing Clerk 20 No Munson Stuart Referral Spet 36 Yes Murray Billie Jo Medical Assistant 36 Yes Poland Carole Nurse Practitioner 25 No Simon Britta Administrative Assistant 36 Yes Trenary Jean Registered Nurse 30 Yes Valdez Rachel Receptionist 30 Yes Wang Jian Referral Spet 36 Yes Wilson Dan Physician 36 Yes Doyle Patricia Receptionist 20 No...
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  • Spring '10
  • Erickson
  • American film actors, Healthcare occupations, Clerk File¬†Clerk, Clerk Billing Clerk, Billing Clerk Physician Physician Assistant Receptionist Medical Assistant Office Manager Medical Assistant File Clerk Medical Assistant Physician Registered Nurse Registered Nurse File Clerk Physician Billing Clerk Billing Clerk File Clerk Billing Clerk

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