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Chapter 1: What is Guided Inquiry? Section 1.1: Active Learning Objectives Define electronegativity. Predict the distribution of electrons in a bond. Describe the procedures of a guided inquiry class. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional lecture class and a guided inquiry class. Take a moment and flip through the pages in this book. You should notice that this text is very different from texts you have used in other classes. At this point what you probably saw was that there are a lot of questions for you to answer throughout the chapters, not just problems to solve at the ends. As you use this text you will notice some other important differences. One of the biggest differences is that not all of the information you need to learn is given to you. Instead, the questions, which are called Guided Inquiry Questions, are used to help you discover the concepts and ideas for yourself, instead of just having you read them. This approach, in which you figure out the information you need to know, is called active learning . While active learning may not be something you have experienced before, there is a lot of research showing that it works better than just being lectured to. Since this text is based on active learning, you are not going to be told how it works or why it might be better than lectures. Instead, you will go through an active learning exercise to figure this out for yourself. We will begin with an activity on electronegativity. Electronegativity is something you should have learned about in chemistry. It plays an important role in the properties of materials, so this section will not
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section%201.1 - Chapter 1: What is Guided Inquiry? Section...

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