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6.4 Eutectic Phase Diagrams - Microconstituents Objectives From a eutectic phase diagram, calculate the amounts of microconstituents present. Because eutectic phase diagrams result in such complicated microstructures, we need a specific way of talking about them. The term we use is microconstituent. Microconstituents are specific parts of microstructures. Figure 6.4.1 shows the microstructure of a eutectic alloy. The different microconstituents are: Primary α : This is the large particles of α that form above the eutectic temperature. Eutectic solid: This is the total eutectic solid that consists of lamellae of α and β . Eutectic α : The lamellae of α . Eutectic β : The lamellae of β . Note that in this case there is no primary β . By looking at the phase diagram and thinking about how the microstructure forms during cooling you should see why you can have either primary α or primary β , but not both. From the lever rule we can actually determine the amounts of each of the individual microconstituents.
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