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6.6 Other Phase Diagrams Objectives Identify the phases present on phase diagrams. So far we have dealt with relatively simple phase diagrams that are one clear type, for example eutectic. However, many phase diagrams are more complicated. Even if they look more complicated, still make sure you follow one simple rule : don’t panic! All of the rules we have learned so far still apply, no matter how complicated the phase diagram looks. That means if we are looking at a two phase region, you still use the tieline and the lever rule just as we have already learned to determine the phase compositions and phase amounts. Figure 6.6.1 shows the phase diagram for magnesium and lead. This phase diagram has a line compound . A line compound is a single phase of an exact composition, so it appears on the phase diagram as a vertical line rather than a region; the regions on either side of the line compound are two phase regions. In the Mg-Pb phase diagram, Mg 2 Pb is a line compound. Up until now, whenever we saw a line on a phase
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section%206.6%20-%20Other%20Phase%20Diagrams - 6.6 Other...

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