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Chapter 10: Types of Materials 10.2 Ceramics Objectives Describe types of ceramic materials and their applications. What are ceramics? For many people their first thought will be things like pottery and tile, and most dictionary definitions refer to clay. But ceramics are much more than that. A more general definition is provided by the Ceramic Tile Institute, which defines ceramic as: Inorganic, nonmetallic materials, the article or coating being made permanent and suitable for utilitarian and decorative purposes by the action of heat at temperatures sufficient to cause sintering, solid-state reactions, bonding, or conversion partially or wholly to the glassy state. Although this definition is focused on decorative materials like tile, it covers all aspects of ceramics. A more pragmatic definition is the following: We can all identify whether something is metal or plastic pretty easily; anything else is usually a ceramic. This definition may seem silly, but it works pretty well. So for example, ceramics include diamond, sand, window glass, and silicon for computer chips. Ceramics have a wide range of properties that make them useful for many applications. Table 10.2.1 provides a list of properties and the applications for ceramics that result from
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section%2010.2%20-%20Ceramic%20Materials - C hapter 10:...

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