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Chapter 10 (2/8/10) Organization: Core principles that drive all organizational design 1) Standardization – developing uniform practices Direction & Motivation (increases this) Factory ‘White Collar’ (works for both) Too much or too little is BAD (standards, that is) 2) Specialization – Grouping standardized tasks into functions Manage people with same skills People utilization Competency Job Specs for hiring 3) Centralization – decision making authority vested with top managers Authority - Line = authority to hire/fire, $$ control, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: (action oriented positions) Staff = lawyers, accountants, strategic planners (recommendation positions) Responsibility – Obligation to follow Authority & responsibility go hand in hand. One expects (authority) and one does it (responsibility to follow) 4) Departmentalization – resources grouped in larger organizations PAGE 305 in text book – has charts of different organizations: Functional Divisional Matrix Start-ups are different. They need people with abilities to wear different hats – sales/marketing, production/inspection, etc....
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