Chapter 10 - (action oriented positions) Staff = lawyers,...

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Chapter 10 (2/8/10) Organization: Core principles that drive all organizational design 1) Standardization – developing uniform practices Direction & Motivation (increases this) Factory ‘White Collar’ (works for both) Too much or too little is BAD (standards, that is) 2) Specialization – Grouping standardized tasks into functions Manage people with same skills People utilization Competency Job Specs for hiring 3) Centralization – decision making authority vested with top managers Authority - Line = authority to hire/fire, $$ control, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: (action oriented positions) Staff = lawyers, accountants, strategic planners (recommendation positions) Responsibility Obligation to follow Authority & responsibility go hand in hand. One expects (authority) and one does it (responsibility to follow) 4) Departmentalization resources grouped in larger organizations PAGE 305 in text book has charts of different organizations: Functional Divisional Matrix Start-ups are different. They need people with abilities to wear different hats sales/marketing, production/inspection, etc....
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