Chapter11_classnotes - ie Xbox vs Windows 7 …...

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2/17/2010 CH 11 Organization Design Standardization Specialization Centralization Departmentalization Org Structure These items affect what your structure should be: Strategy (structure follows strategy! Your strategy will determine what your structure should be.) Size Tech Environment 5 Ways that companies organized themselves: (1 & 2 are most common) 1. Functional – people in charge of all the different departments/functions (mktg, actng, R&D, sales, HR, purchasing, etc.) 2. Geographical – by state, country, or office location/store location, region 3. Customer – flip side of product driven,
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Unformatted text preview: ie: Xbox vs Windows 7 … organizational structure is different because the way the products are brought to market are different. 4. Product- like GE and it’s many divisions based on the product or service. 5. Process – some industries that are so specialized that their entire organization is oriented to the process, ie: petroleum or mining which are filled with people of very different specializations; insurance companies are risk managers trying to understand the risk and invest in it/underwrite it so their organizations are process driven....
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Chapter11_classnotes - ie Xbox vs Windows 7 …...

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