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Individual_Assignment_2 - customers How is this company...

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Florida Institute of Technology - College of Business Management Principles, BUS 3501-03 Fall 2009 Instructor: Ravi K. Sundararaman Individual Assignment 2 – Innovative Companies September 16, 2009 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT 2: Due: Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Today we discussed Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Chapter 6. Select a company that you consider an innovation leader. What makes it an innovative company? Examine the products and services it offers and evaluate whether they are at the forefront of providing genuine value to their
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Unformatted text preview: customers. How is this company different from others in its industry? As best as you can, gather information on its organization structure, culture & values, and HR practices to see if they support your judgment. Apply the concepts and theories we have learned about innovative companies to this firm and validate why it is your choice as an innovation leader. 25 points. Minimum 4 pages in prescribed format. Bibliography required, including online sources. Sundararaman |September 2009...
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