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Lecture Notes (Best Questions) 1. The average age for marriage among males is: a) 21 to 25 b) * 23 to 27 c) 21 to 27 d) 23 to 25 2. Who was the first to look at death? a) Robert Peck b) * Elisabeth Kubler-Ross c) George Harrison d) Dr. Hayflick 3. What triggers puberty? a) Reaching the age of 13 b) When a child wants to start dating c) * No one knows d) Having the first sexual experience 4. Which Group is not especially helped by using religion as a coping method? a) Oldest of the old b) Women c) African Americans d) * Hispanics
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Lecture Notes (Alternates) 1) Identity diffusion is the stage when: a) * Individuals lack clear direction and are not committed to values b) Individuals have a clear goal and are committed to reaching it c) Adolescents see the world through rose colored glasses d) Adolescents spend less time with their parents – diffusing the relationship 2) Which of the following is NOT a criterion for Post Formal Thought? a) Shifting Gears
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Final_Challenge_Questions - Lecture Notes (Best Questions)...

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