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Bonnie Klein Developmental Psychology Mr. Braun Tues/Thurs, 10:50am SARA Discuss the career stage Sara is in Sara and Julie are both experiencing changes in their lives. Sara appears to have returned to the realistic period of the exploration stage (Braun, 2009) in her career. The exploration stage has three parts and it is usually experienced from before 10 years old through early adulthood. The realistic stage of exploration is when a commitment is made to a career. (Braun, 2009) Having returned to school as an adult, to become a nurse, she has made the commitment this career and has placed herself in the position of learning a new skill. Eventually Sara will have to establish herself in her new career, which will place her in the establishment stage of development. Establishment is when you enter a career, set forth your skills, and you gain respect for those skills. She will be doing this as a much older adult than typically found in this stage but her willingness to take on a new career shows her commitment. Compare/Contrast the developmental situation they are in, Sara has something that Julie
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Sara_Joan_Nov102009 - Bonnie Klein Developmental Psychology...

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