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1961, Vol. 63, No. 3, 575-582 TRANSMISSION OF AGGRESSION THROUGH IMITATION OF AGGRESSIVE MODELS 1 ALBERT BANDURA, DOROTHEA ROSS, AND SHEILA A. ROSS 2 Stanford University A previous study, designed to account for the phenomenon of identification in terms of incidental learning, demon- strated that children readily imitated behavior exhibited by an adult model in the presence of the model (Bandura & Huston, 1961). A series of experiments by Blake (1958) and others (Grosser, Polansky, 1951; Rosenblith, 1959; Schachter 1952) have likewise shown that mere observation of responses of a model has a facilitating effect on subjects' reactions in the immediate social influence setting. While these studies provide convincing evi- dence for the influence and control exerted on others by the behavior of a model, a more crucial test of imitative learning involves the generalization of imitative response patterns to new settings in which the model is absent. In the experiment reported in this paper children were exposed to aggressive and non- aggressive adult models and were then tested for amount of imitative learning in a new situ- ation in the absence of the model. According to the prediction, subjects exposed to aggres- sive models would reproduce aggressive acts resembling those of their models and would differ in this respect both from subjects who observed nonaggressive models and from those who had no prior exposure to any models. This hypothesis assumed that subjects had learned imitative habits as a result of prior reinforcement, and these tendencies would generalize to some extent to adult experi- It was further predicted that observation of subdued nonaggressive models would have a generalized inhibiting effect on the subjects' subsequent behavior, and this effect would be reflected in a difference between the non- aggressive and the control groups, with sub- 'This investigation was supported
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Aggression_criticalarticlereview - Journal of Abnormal and...

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