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Bonnie Klein (Wasburn) Bonnie Klein (Washburn) The Bucket List December 1, 2009 Word Count: 899 Page 1 of 6
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Bonnie Klein (Wasburn) Edward Cole is played in The Bucket List, by Jack Nicholson. (Zackham, 2007) The character is brash, self-absorbed, professionally successful, and unfulfilled in his life. He deals with the 5 Stages of Loss in a less than conventional manner, spending most of the time in denial with short visits to anger, depression, and possibly bargaining. As Elizabeth Kubler-Ross explains in her book On Death and Dying , most people do not progress through the stages in an organized and chronological fashion rather they move more randomly. (Elisabeth Kubler - Ross, 1969) Ultimately the hope is to arrive at acceptance before death. Edward spends most of his time during this movie in the Kubler-Ross stage of Denial. This stage is explained as an absolute refusal to accept the loss or death being experienced and is characterized by a feeling of disbelief that this loss/death can not be happening. (Braun, 2009) Support for Edward’s presence in denial is found throughout the movie. Several examples follow, including the early scene when Edward first enters the hospital room and insists on moving himself onto the bed. He promptly falls on the floor demonstrating his denial of being sick or weak. Again, Edward demonstrates denial in his lack of interest when Doctor comes in after surgery to deliver the news about his prognosis. Edward displayed a sort of sarcastic humor in his response stating, “Nothing like the smell of chemotherapy in the morning.”(Zackham, 2007) Page 2 of 6
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BucketListPaper_Bklein - Bonnie Klein (Wasburn) Bonnie...

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