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Bonnie Klein Washburn Critical Article Review Behavioral Study of Obedience , by: Stanley Milgram of Yale University Taken from the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 1963, Vol. 67, No. 4, 371-378 Introduction The author’s reasoning for this study seems to be based on a desire to define humans’ ability to obey and to what level that obedience extends. It appears that the expectations of those people questioned before the study began were for significant disobedience. Methods: Subjects The subject in this study was a participant in a set-up experiment that must administer electric shocks, of increasing intensity to a human ‘learner’. Subjects believed the shocks were real and that the learner was also participating even though the learner was a trained assistant in the experiment. Questions were asked of the learner and if their answers were wrong the subject administered a shock; however, at a predetermined level the learner responded to the voltages with specific reactions and eventually stopped answering altogether. Methods: Measurement
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GenPsych2_Critical_Obedience - Bonnie Klein Washburn...

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