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Bonnie Klein Washburn Critical Article Review A Study of Normative And Informational Social Influences Upon Individual Judgement, Morton Deutsch and Harold B. Gerard Taken from the Research Center for Human Relations, New York University The authors feel individual psychological processes are influenced by social factors but wants to further investigate the idea of a true group’s influence not a created or directed group. The subjects, 101 college students, participated in a group and were put into groups of one “naïve” subject and several trained subjects referred to as “stooges.” The group members were to match a given line to the size of other sample lines and publicly announce their answer. Stooges were predetermined in their wrong answers. This experiment appeared to carefully consider the group
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Unformatted text preview: make-up and the effect of anonymous versus known participants within the groups. Results of this work seem to show that the group effect causes more inaccurate answers than a control group working the same questions individually. The authors indicate that their initial hypotheses are strongly supported by the results of this series of experiments. This experiment is based heavily in earlier work done with the Asch Situation as well as other studies of groups that the authors openly criticize. The presumption is that those studies were flawed and this one is not. However, I feel a different result may have been revealed with either fewer of the “stooges” incorrectly influencing the groups, or with more than one actual subject in each group. Submitted September 16, 2009...
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