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GenPsych2_TransmissionofAggression - of imitative behavior...

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Bonnie Klein Washburn Critical Article Review Transmission of Aggression Through Imitation of Aggressive Models, Albert Bandura, Dorothea Ross, and Shelia A. Ross, Stanford University Taken from the Journal of Abnormal and Social Pyschology (1961, Vol. 63, No. 3, 575-582) The authors feel that earlier studies on this general topic show that subjects imitate modeled aggressive behavior. They put forth several hypotheses about this study including a prediction that aggressive models would be imitated and the non-aggressive models would also be imitated. Both boys and girls from 37 to 39 months old served as subjects with one male and one female adult as the behavior models. Half the subjects observed aggressive behavior and the others, non-aggressive; all had their behavior rated later by experimenters and their teacher. Control groups showed virtually no imitative behavior, the aggressive groups showed a lot
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Unformatted text preview: of imitative behavior, and the non-aggressive group also showed a high degree of imitative behavior. The authors’ feel their hypotheses were generally supported with results as expected. Overall the groups responded to the experiments as predicted with a strong amount of behavior imitating the models. From a critical point-of-view it is hard to find fault with this experiment, the predictions, or results. However, I cannot help but wonder about the effect of the modeled behavior over a longer term. Would the modeled behavior have staying power in the subjects or does the effect decay over 24-28 hours or even 14-30 days? And finally, I must ask how this addresses the effect of repeated exposure to this type of modeled behavior? Submitted September 23, 2009...
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